Every since receiving my first pocket knife as a small boy and being informed, “Be careful, you’ll cut your thumb off!”, I have been reducing large timber to mere toothpicks and wood chips.  All of my early year’s projects were completely unrecognizable as anything by anyone except me.  It wasn’t until my more recent years that I started to “refine” my techniques and was able to create “true works of art”.  When I became involved in Scouting many years ago I turned my skills towards making neckerchief slides, or woggles as they are known in other parts of the world.  I used the early slides to give to Scouts as incentives as “jobs well done”. 

     As more and more of my slides made it into the public arena, I was encouraged by family and friends to make the slides available to everyone.  In 2000 I started selling my slides on eBay.  In 2004 Scoutguy.com was launched.  To date I have made literally thousands of slides in over 150 different designs.  They have been sent to Scouts in all parts of the world.

     By the way, I still have both of my thumbs!  I’ve had a few close calls over the years, but they’re still attached.